Author And Instructor Terms

Key Definitions

Updated on July 3, 2018

  • Base Price” means the price of the Content, Course or Game set by the Seller (Instructor or Author).
  • Base Currency” means the currency of the Base Price.
  • Base Exchange Rate” means a system-wide rate used by the Company for foreign currency conversion and does not include any fee or mark-up by the Company. The rate is established using one or more third parties and is fixed periodically. Accordingly, the Base Exchange Rate may not be identical to the applicable market rate in effect at the specific time a foreign currency conversion is processed.
  • Courses” shall mean the definition in the Terms of Use.
  • Games” shall mean the definition in the Terms of Use.
  • Content” shall mean the definition in the Terms of Use.
  • Seller Revenue” shall mean Net Amount less any refunds paid.
  • Gross Amount” means the amount actually received by The Seller for purchases by Instructors or Students for Your Content, Course or Game.
  • Net Amount” means the amount actually received from Students for Your Content, Course or Game, less all payment fees.
  • Sales Price” means the actual sales price for the Content, Course or Game. When the Sales Currency is different from the Base Currency, the Company will determine the Sales Price based on the applicable Base Exchange Rate.
  • Sales Currency” means the currency of the sale. This is determined by the country of origin of the User purchasing the Course.
  • “Payment Service” refers to the workflow, design  and functionality that enables full integration of third party payment providers with our platform.
  • Transaction Fee” means the 30% cut of the Sales Price that we charge for using our Payment service.


As an Author you will be responsible for determining the Base Price you charge Instructors or other Authors for Your Content. As an Instructor, You will be responsible for determining the Base Price You charge Students for Your Courses or Games. You agree to charge only for Your own Submitted Content or Content that you have legitimately acquired. Once you have determined to use our Payment Service, you may not charge separately for any course add-ons such as downloadable PDFs or other content and services (such as providing a link to a third party service to sell downloadable PDFs). The Company will handle billing and other fee interaction with Users. When the Sales Currency is different than the Base Currency, we will determine the Sales Price.

As part of Your participation on our platform, You give Us permission to list Your Course and information about You for our selected partners, or users (for marketing purposes), for which you will not receive compensation.

You authorize the Company to perform the appropriate calculations, deduct and retain the transaction fee, and pay You the Net Amount as indicated above.


As an Author or Instructor you are contracting directly with Instructors or Learners, respectively. Instructors have a direct contractual relationship with Learners, but the only information you will receive about Learners is what is provided to you through the Service.


Generally, the Company will receive a Transaction Fee of thirty percent (30%) of the Gross Amount received for Your Course. The Transaction Fee is limited upwards to a maximum of NOK 300,- per transaction. The Gross Amount equals the amount actually received from Instructors or Students for Your Course. The Gross Amount will be based on the Base Price. Users are entitled to refunds pursuant to Our general Terms of Service and You agree that You are responsible for handling all refunds on Your sales. You also agree that a refund transaction does not automatically include a reimbursement from the Company on the Transaction Fee. If you think that the refund claim is (completely or partially) related to the Service, You can initiate a refund claim on the fee.


You understand and agree that You are responsible for any taxes on your income. With regard to sales tax on the sale of your Courses, the following applies:

Norway and European Union

In the event that the sale or delivery of a Course or any Submitted Content to any Student in Norway or the European Union is subject to any value added tax (“VAT”), under applicable law, Edstep will allow You to collect tax, but You will be responsible for remitation the VAT to the competent tax authorities for sales of such Courses or Submitted Content to Students in Norway and the European Union. You will indemnify and hold Edstep harmless against any and all claims by any tax authority for any underpayment of VAT, and any penalties and/or interest thereon on your Author or Instructor Revenue or otherwise.

All other countries

For sales of any of Courses or Submitted Content in countries other than Norway and the European Union, South Korea and Japan, You are responsible for following the requirements of the appropriate taxing authority related to sales tax on your Courses (which may be different to the tax authority in your own location). Edstep is unable to provide you with tax advice and You should consult your own tax advisor.