Roadmap 2016-2017

Q4 2016

  • Groups and organizations: create and manage open or closed groups, membership, roles, and privileges
  • Revised course editor: extended metadata support, new user interface, and improved workflow
  • API for versioning and licensing
  • API for top-level topics (based on the Dewey Decimal System)
  • Integration with LearnPlayground

Q1 2017

  • Edstep for Business: manage employees, manage content for internal or external use
  • Launching the Flow course concept
  • API for attribution
  • Improved Learning eXperience: Planning/notification, badges and rewards, improved security, and support for tests/exams
  • Marketplace for courses and open content
  • Support for payments
  • EdLib-related enhancements (improved LTI support, improved GUI)

Q2 2017

  • EdLib plugin support for “oerpin” (pinteresting OER)
  • API for learning contexts
  • API for adding, maintaining, and using educational standards/curricula
  • API for hierarchical topics and subject ontologies
  • Support for conceptual learning
  • Integration with H5P‘s and

Q3 2017

  • More than 100.000 OERs available in EdLib
  • Support for open exams
  • Core functionality for a global personal learning environment
  • OER freelancing marketplace
  • Enhanced OER community support

Q4 2017

  • Open API for the recommendation engine

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