EdStep Release Notes, October 27, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • The bug causing the footer in EdStep to not be visible in Safari has been fixed.
  • The bug causing first-time Safari users to have problems with the Content Explorer has been fixed. This was reported as an issue in a previous release of EdStep.


  • No new user-facing features were included in this release.


  • The logic surrounding the publication of courses has been tightened. Previously, it was possible to make changes (of any kind) to an already-published course. With this improvement, EdStep will check if a course has enrolled learners with registered results and/or views and “lock” the course, accordingly. If a course collaborator wants to make changes to a course in this state, she will have to first “unpublish” (or retract) the course before being able to make changes. The consequence of unpublishing a course will be that enrolled learners will not be able to (continue to) take the course until the course is republished. The existing course results (for enrolled learners) will not be reset.

Known Issues

  • No known issues specifically related to this release.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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