EdStep Release Notes, October 20, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • The different H5P filters in the Content Explorer were not provided until content of that type had been displayed. This bug is now fixed: all of the H5P type filters are immediately available.
  • If a resource had previously been shared with collaborators, the subsequent unsharing of that resource to remove access to the resource did not work. This bug has now been fixed.


  • No new features where made available in this release.


  • Removed two H5P content types, namely: Twitter Feed and Article. The Twitter Feed type was rarely, if ever, used. The very limited Article type has been deprecated in favour of the new HTML Article type.
  • The “Content Library” tab has been renamed to “My Content”. All content is private by default and has to be explicitly shared with other people for the purpose of collaboration (on the resource).

Known Issues

  • First time users could experience problems with the Content Explorer if they are using Safari.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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