EdStep Release Notes, October 14, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the empty course bug. Before, it was possible to publish a course with no modules or a course with modules without activities. EdStep will now prevent this behavior.
  • Fixed the null labels bug. The previous release made it possible to sign up without providing a user name. The absence of the username caused certain fields in the application where it expected a user name to display “null”.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the selection of course collaborators to not work properly.
  • Fixed the “Try EdStep” link on EdStep’s landing page to use the new sign-up flow (which was part of the previous release).
  • Fixed the bug that caused access to be denied to a user’s resource if they had created said resource while still having an unverified email.
  • Fixed the bug that prompted the user to verify their email on every page refresh even after they had verified their email if they hadn’t logged out and back in to the application.


  • No new features in this release.


  • Up to a 50% increase in performance when retrieving resources to display in the Content Explorer.
  • Added visible “drop zones” when dragging an image into the application for the purpose of uploading it.

Known Issues

  • After a failed login attempt (incorrect username and/or password), the “Forgot password?” and “Create new account” links will not be visible (due to the validation message pushing them outside the dialog).
  • If a course administrator changes the authentication requirements from not required to required, already enrolled learners will see the course in their list of courses, but will not be able to access the course because of not having an invitation (to the course).
  • Module score incorrectly set to 100% even if an H5P activity in the module is not completed.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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