EdStep Release Notes, October 06, 2016

EdStep “Autumn” Release

We’re happy to announce that a new release of EdStep has been made available. This release includes several major features and improvements –both visible and under the hood– that allow us to transition EdStep (the application) and EdLib (the platform on which EdStep is built) into a much more powerful combination. In that respect, we are looking forward to releasing the combined EdStep and EdLib road map, as soon as possible.

With regards to this release, the highlights are provided below. A follow-up post will provide a more in-depth overview of the new EdStep/EdLib improvements on a feature-by-feature basis.

Bug Fixes

  • Miscellaneous encoding-related fixes for both resources and user profiles. Specifically, the encoding-related issue for resources manifested itself by a resource becoming unavailable to the user if the resource’s title included non-ASCII characters.
  • Twitter sign-in bug has been fixed. Previously, an HTTP 500 error was displayed when attempting to log in with a Twitter account.
  • Fixed H5P content not resizing bug.
  • Fixed a user identifier-related bug causing subsequent attempts to access a resource to fail. For example, a user would create a resource after which she would be presented with an “Access Denied” message when subsequently attempting to edit the resource.
  • Fixed image editing for both H5P Course Presentation and Article content types.
  • Miscellaneous fixes related to the filtering of H5P content in the Content Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a mismatch between the selected filters and the corresponding resources displayed in the Content Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled the “Show More” button even when there were no more items available in the Content Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a resource selected from an external provider (in the “Find New Content” tab) to fail to load.
  • Fixed the incorrect sorting of modules.
  • Miscellaneous fixes related to image uploading (including, for example, multiple upload dialog boxes to appear when adding modules to a course).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented newly added external (LTI) providers to be visible to other users.
  • And many more user-facing and back-end issues that have been fixed over the course of the last three months.

New Features

  • The Content Author includes a new advanced (HTML) article type and accompanying (CKEditor-based) WYSIWYG visual editor.
    • The advanced article editor has access to EdLib resources by means of the EdLib plugin button which brings up the EdLib Content Explorer. Using the Content Explorer within the advanced article editor allows the user to find and re-use (by embedding) resources directly into the article.
  • The ability to set a (Creative Commons) license on a resource and the subsequent filtering by license type in the Content Explorer.
  • EdStep as both an LTI provider and consumer (for modules), meaning that EdStep modules can be made available at the platform level (within the Content Explorer) for re-use by other users.


  • A simplified sign-up flow
    • Users do not have to provide a display name as part of the sign-up flow.
    • Users do not have to verify their email address as part of the sign-up flow. Nonetheless, certain features will potentially not be available to users until they have verified their email address.
    • Application-specific sign-up emails. Before, when signing up for EdStep, the user would receive a more generic sign-up message from Cerpus Course (without any mention of the originating application) potentially causing confusion as to what application it was referring to.
  • EdLib plugin
    • Content Explorer
      • Revamped tagging interface with auto-complete capabilities for existing tags.
      • Full-text search on resource titles.
      • Improved filtering capabilities and accompanying interface.
      • Loading-on-demand allowing the Content Explorer to more effectively handle a large volume of content.
      • Responsive design allowing for the Content Explorer to render appropriately according to the available screen estate.
    • Content Author
      • A dramatically improved content type selector.
  • Re-designed application layout (including menus, header and footer).
  • Course editor UI improvements.
  • Removed the EdStep beta message repeatedly showing even after the first login.
  • Added the EdStep favicon 🙂

More to come. Stay tuned.

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