EdStep Release Notes, November 24, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • An intermittent “Whoops, looks like something went wrong” bug (with an HTTP 500 status code) in the Content Author has been fixed.
  • Miscellaneous encoding-related bugs have been fixed one of which prevented a user from logging in if their username contained national characters like, for example, “å”, “ø”, or “æ”.


  • It’s now possible to copy activities to other modules. You do so by clicking on the activity’s “Copy” button which will then display a module selector dialog to choose which module you want to copy the activity in to. Editing the activity’s resource will result in the creation of separate versioned resources (one for each activity).


  • Before, it was possible for two (or more) users to simultaneously edit the same resource with the consequence that the user who saved last would overwrite changes made by the other user(s). “Edit locking” prevents this scenario from happening by not allowing more than one user to be editing a resource at any given time. A message informing that the resource is locked will be displayed to the user who attempts to edit a resource that is currently already being edited by another user. The lock is either released by the first user saving and closing the resource editor or after an hour has elapsed (whichever condition is met first).
  • EdStep is approaching its official “version 1.0” release meaning that from this release and onward our users will have to explicitly accept EdStep’s Terms and Conditions if they want to (continue to) use EdStep.

Known Issues

  • Currently, the Copy Activity feature does not allow copying activities into modules in the current course (including the same module). This limitation will be removed, shortly.
  • The edit lock will not be released if the user clicks on the EdLib’s window “Close [X]” button. That is, to release the edit lock, the user must click on the “Close and Save” button. This limitation will be removed, shortly.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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