EdStep Release Notes, June 14, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a character encoding-related bug in the Profile page that caused the incorrect saving of names with, for example, Norwegian-specific characters (that is, æ, ø, and å).
  • Fixed a minor layout issue which caused the menu to be broken on the EdStep landing page in Safari.
  • Fixed the incorrect saving of results when previewing a (H5P) resource.


  • Reordering of activities across modules. That is, it is now possible to move activities from one module to another (using the the already-existing drag-and-drop activity reordering feature).


  • No empty activities on the cancellation of the activity creation process. That is to say, before when cancelling the activity creation process (that is, authoring a new resource or selecting an already existing resource) an empty activity would be created and inserted into the module; this behavior has now been changed to ensure that an empty activity is not inserted into the module on cancellation.
  • H5P has been fixed to not (incorrectly) maintain the state of user interactions.
  • The email address is maintained on a failed sign-in or sign-up attempt in the authentication dialog.
  • A full English translation has been provided for the EdStep landing page.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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