EdStep 16.12.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Creative Commons-licensed content appearing in the user’s “My Content” tab has been moved to the “Shared Content” tab (detailed below).


  • Shared Content. An additional “Shared Content” tab has been added to the EdLib Content Explorer which displays resources with a Creative Commons license. From within this tab it is possible to preview resources and subsequently copy resources across into the user’s “My Content” tab for the purpose of reuse in the user’s own courses. Editing a copied resource will result in a versioning fork. Furthermore, the copied resource maintains the license of the original resource. As a prerequisite for “Shared Content” feature, in the previous release, the ability to choose and set a (Creative Commons) license for a given resource was added to the Content Author. Once a license has been set for a resource, said resource will appear in both the “Shared Content” and “My Content” for the owner of the resource. At this stage, only the owner of a resource is able to set or change the resource’s license.


  • An “access” filter has been added to the “My Content” tab to show content that the user owns or content that the user collaborates on or both (which is the default).

Known Issues

  • After copying a resource from the “Shared Content” tab the user is able to change the license of the resource. Currently, EdStep/EdLib does not have the necessary license checking logic in place to prevent incompatible changes to the license (with respect to the original resource’s license). This issue will be addressed in a future release.
  • Once a license has been set for a resource, it can take up to one minute before the license becomes visible in both the “Shared Content” tab and when previewing the resource.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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