EdStep 16.11.4 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Several bugs have been fixed with regards to language switching within the EdLib platform (specifically, the Content Author). That is, it is already possible to switch language with appropriate translations within the EdStep application. We have now focused our attention on the EdLib platform (that is, the Content Explorer and Content Author) to ensure that language switching works correctly there, as well.
  • An edge-case that prevented new users from creating courses (the so-called “/mycourses” bug) has been fixed.


  • Duplicate course. It’s now possible to create a copy of an existing course. What’s more, if the resources in either the original course or the new (copied) course are edited they will become independent resources forked from the original resource.
  • It is now possible to attach (primarily, Creative Commons) licenses to resources. This feature is the forerunner of a larger feature (to be released soon) called the “Shared Content” tab where users will be able to find and reuse content that has been licensed with a Creative Commons license.


  • As mentioned in the previous release notes, the Copy Activity feature did not allow copying activities into modules in the current course (including the same module). This limitation has now been removed.
  • Functionality to add a minimum required score to an activity has been added.
  • Several error messages and warnings have been improved and made more descriptive to avoid confusion with users.
  • Miscellaneous minor visual fixes have been made to the EdStep footer and header.
  • The sending of an email to inform about sharing of resources are now sent from the appropriate (edlib.com) domain.
  • A user is now automatically logged-out of the application if they decline the EdStep Terms and Conditions.
  • The edit lock is now also released when closing the EdLib window. Before, a user had to explicitly click on the “Save and Close” button for the edit lock to be released. Not doing so could cause an unintentional lock on a resource to be maintained.

Known Issues

  • None specific to this release.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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